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Hi I Need Help With Essay On Cases Involving Social Responsibility Paper Must Be

Hi, I need help with essay on Cases Involving Social Responsibility. Paper must be at least 750 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

h states, ‘Human service professionals negotiate with clients the purpose, goals, and nature of the helping relationship prior to its onset, as well as inform clients of the limitations of the proposed relationship’ (NOHSE, 1996). The committee would review the severity of the patient condition. Based on this, they would select the patients and negotiate with him regarding the helping relationship. Here they would require the patients to contribute to the Center in terms of monetary or non-monetary help. Monetary help would then help serve patients who do not have the funds available to seek treatment. In terms of non-monetary help, the center may request the client to serve as volunteers so that staff work pressure could be alleviated to some extent.

This case study presents a dilemma of the government’s involvement in the private life of the citizens. Here statement 13 of the NOSHE code will be applied, which states ‘Human service professionals act as advocates in addressing unmet client and community needs. Human service professionals provide a mechanism for identifying unmet client needs, calling attention to these needs, and assisting in planning and mobilizing to advocate for those needs at the local community level’ (NOHSE, 1996). Thus the mental health facility should be created in the proposed neighborhood to allow the patients their right to self-determination and well-being.

Along with this, to alleviate the concerns of the community, the center should keep in mind that according to statement 11 of the code, they should keep both the client and the community informed of the social issues. Therefore the center should periodically listen and address the problems of the community and make adjustments accordingly.

This case study presents a rather serious dilemma to the staffers. Legally, there are obliged to report the illegal immigrants and other offenders to the law officials. However, if they do so they would lose the trust that they have


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