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Hi I Need Help With Essay On Characters Analysis Paper Must Be At Least 750 Word

Hi, I need help with essay on Characters analysis. Paper must be at least 750 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

r to each individual character: Antigone is clearly an agent of the gods and aligned with them for following their portents, while Creon is a person who wantonly rejects both of these important principles. The truth of the matter, is, however, a bit more subtle. A careful examination of the Thebian plays shows that Antigone and Creon are in fact equally concerned with the will of the gods on a theoretical front. Antigone, however, has no more concerns than this theory, while Creon must manage pragmatic issues with running a city.

The first-glance analysis of these two characters and their priorities seems to indicate that Antigone and Creon are the antithesis of each other in the realm of honor and duty. Despite the fact that god’s will certainly seems to be that Eteocles should be buried despite his role on the losing side of the Theban civil war (Sophocles 34), Creon stays adamant in his displeasure with the dead man, and insists that he not be buried with any rights. Antigone bravely goes ahead with attempts at burial, showing that she respects the honor of the dead more than Creon does. Antigone is good – Creon is not.

This, however, represents a somewhat simplistic analysis of the text. Antigone certainly is willing to do the ‘right thing’ her interests align with those of the gods, and she is willing to follow them through. She also uses the word “honor” frequently, along with many calls to the importance of family, all things that Creon should value (Sophocles 23). Antigone is clearly in the right in many ways, and is a brave woman for being able to stand up for what is right.

Creon, however, does not disagree with Antigone on the theoretical principles, such as respecting family and honoring the gods. He clearly puts a great deal of effort into educating his son, and cares deeply for his son’s wellbeing. He even spends a great deal of time exhorting his son to behave as the gods would have him, and to generally be a godly


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