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Hi I Need Help With Essay On Childcare And Children Rights Law And Policy Paper

Hi, I need help with essay on Childcare and Children Rights: Law and Policy. Paper must be at least 2500 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

The balance between the child’s consent to their needs and the rights of the parent remains debatable. Some states have adopted a mature minor rule, which allows the sufficiently intelligent minors to consent to certain needs or treatment without having to consult with the parent’s or guardian’s permission.

When caring for the minors, one has an overriding duty to respect and act towards the interest of the minor. While making decisions for the child or the young person, they should exclusively be involved as much as possible. This should always be dependent upon the level of understanding of the minor (Ackers & Stalford 2004, p.99). In cases where the child is not able to consent themselves, a person with a parental responsibility’s consent is called upon or sometimes the court is involved before any form of treatment is taken upon them.

Consent laws are usually designed to offer protection to the young people from exploitation and abuse. These laws clearly determine that young people below the age of consent as not mature or competent enough to make critical decisions out of the provided knowledge. An example of such is whereby a child below the age of consent may be willing to interact with an adult sexually, but since they are not able to give consent in accordance to the law, such interactions are regarded as abusive (Ackers & Stalford 2004, p.78).

Competence refers to the mental capability of an individual to make specific decisions. Depending on the environment, age, mental functionality and some other factors, one may not be able to make specific critical decisions. Therefore, children may be referred to as incompetent in decision making due to their age and lack of knowledge of specific fields. Just because one is over sixteen years of age does not make them competent at all.&nbsp.


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