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Hi I Need Help With Essay On Co Parenting Relationships After Divorce Paper Must

Hi, I need help with essay on Co-Parenting Relationships after Divorce. Paper must be at least 750 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

The idea of the study was being tested because discovering likely associations may enhance attempts to connect parents who are on the verge of a divorce with required intervention. The data was collected because the differences in co-parenting relationships have not been thoroughly studied. Hence, it was important to collect data that could give appropriate answers that could aid in understanding different dimensions that divorce and co-parenting relationships take. The problem that the study addressed is worthy of investigation because it directly affects the lives of the children caught up in it. It is important to investigate this problem so that the right answers can be found on how to ensure that the affected children are not negatively impacted. The type of research design utilized by this study was research methods that included an in-depth interview with 25 women to investigate differences in co-parenting relationships with husbands they had divorced. An experimental design was employed in the study because it included various questions that were to be used for collecting data and analyzing the results. This involved in-depth interviews with divorcees whose marriages had been violent. Interviews were undertaken in the residential places or offices of a university. The important variables included the amount of time the women had been in separation, the number of physical abuse incidents the women had experienced in their relationships, and if the women had at least one child below eighteen years of age at the time of separation. The data collected were analyzed using grounded theory methods. In the study, three coding steps were utilized. The first involved open coding, the second involved axial coding, and the third involved selective coding.


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