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Hi I Need Help With Essay On Commentary On Nicolas Stargardts Article The Final

Hi, I need help with essay on Commentary on Nicolas Stargardts article, The Final Solution. Paper must be at least 750 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

Nazis and Hitler hence blamed the Jews for all the economic and social problems that were experienced in Germany. As the pure race, it was their duty and obligation to exterminate the Jews. Therefore, to a larger extent, anti-Semitism was Nazis idea. Hitler desired to eliminate all Jews. However, the racist idea of the Nazis was supported by many people in Germany. The development of a racist biological anti-Semitism in the 19th century in which the Jews were viewed as distorting the body of politic was the primary cause of the Holocaust Also, the Jews were alleged to be a particular societal problem. This problem hence needed a solution for the nation to survive. Besides this, Jewry was linked to communism. This in turn made the Nazis perceive the Jews as the greatest threat to the middle-class Germans. The Nazis hence set out to eliminate the Jews due to the long, complicated process, in which the Nazis Jewish policy became progressively radicalized2. The presence of the Jews in Germany was regarded as a problem as well as a great annoyance. As a result, they were to be eliminated& that&nbsp.the Nazis&nbsp.could have&nbsp.a better Germany without the Jews. After all the plans to isolate the Jews failed, but it led to mass killings of about six million Jews, which was the final solution.

The Holocaust or the final settlement did not take place suddenly. Rather, it was the result of a long course of anti-Semitism. After gaining power, in 1933, the Nazis used terror and propaganda to enforce their racial and anti-Semitic policies. It was, therefore, the unplanned modeling of the Nazi policies to the Jews that led to the execution of the final solution. The Nazis passed Nuremberg laws that took away all the Jewish human rights. For instance, the Jews were not allowed to attend German universities or schools. They were also not to use sporting facilities, run businesses, or sit on common benches. Additionally, if they happened to leave Germany,


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