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Hi I Need Help With Essay On Commercial Insurance Paper Must Be At Least 250 Wor

Hi, I need help with essay on Commercial Insurance. Paper must be at least 250 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

This is engineered by the employer themselves and requires that a substantial amount of the employee’s salary be directly injected into the scheme. It sometimes covers the individual’s family or the next of kin for all benefits as entitled to the employee. Covered here is the key employee policy. This is extended, by the employer, to that employee whose sickness or demise will greatly affect a business’s returns. The individual health plan sometimes also features a funeral expenses cover (Gevine, 1995).

Pharmacy benefits to customers comprise the accessibility, and the ease of doing so, of quality medication upon prescription. Members of the scheme can access drugs, prescription or otherwise, anytime from participating medical facilities. The benefits with this program are that you are not only diagnosed but also given drugs recommended by your doctor without “buying”. The medicare plan is useful in that it allows for subscribers to access services such as change in dressing, regular checkups on weight and blood sugar levels at zero extra cost. Medevac plans also categorized here whereby the patient, if in a remote area is evacuated by plane or an ambulance and promptly accorded medicare. However, these might come at a cost to the average subscriber.

This caters for prime US citizens. The plan seeks to ensure that even in old age, they will still access quality health care. It is also inclusive of advisory services in terms of diets, exercise routines, quality sleep patterns and healthy lifestyle which are exclusive of smoking or drinking. Stress management is also featured there. This is because, since these members are advanced in age, this might trigger morbid heart related complications (Gevine, 1995). Specialty packages cater for members with special needs to enable them acquire services without


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