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Hi I Need Help With Essay On Compare And Contrast About The Use Of Cannabis Pape

Hi, I need help with essay on Compare and contrast about the use of cannabis. Paper must be at least 1500 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

Several states in the USA and Netherlands have adopted such policy changes in which marijuana use has been liberalized. Individuals who use marijuana in small no longer face criminal charges for possession and use of marijuana. Those in possession of large amounts are still liable to be prosecuted. They have, however, placed caps on the maximum amount of marijuana that an individual can possess at any given time.

Cannabis is a drug produced from the Cannabis sativa plant and can be used in either of three forms. flower tops. leaves. and herbs. The three forms can then be processed into forms that make them easier to use. It is the most widely used drug globally (Villatoro 2009, p. 287). Cannabis international control was discussed in the United Nations office of Drug and Crime 1961 single convention on Narcotics Drugs in which many governments signed the convention to make cannabis an illegal drug. It is important to note that despite cannabis possession and use being liberalized in some countries, no country has ever legalized cannabis use and possession. The only respite provided for cannabis users is that formal penalties for use of small amounts of cannabis, that are used personally, have been removed (Robin et al. 2010, p. 24. Spruit 2002, pp. 119-141).

This essay has therefore analysed the drug policies adopted by USA and Netherlands, compared and contrasted their applications, and proposed policy changes that the UK drug policy could adopt based on the analysis.

The USA has adopted a mixed cannabis use policy in which though in 1937 the central government outlawed cannabis use at the federal level using the Marijuana Tax Act. In the early 1970’s 13 American state legislatures (that included Oregon, Ohio, North Carolina, New York, Nevada, Nebraska, Mississippi, Minnesota, Massachusetts, Maine, Colorado, California and Alaska) formally decriminalised cannabis use by enacting decriminalisation laws that allowed state residents to use and possess


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