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Hi I Need Help With Essay On Computing And Software Engineering Object Oriented

Hi, I need help with essay on Computing and software engineering :object oriented modelling. Paper must be at least 2000 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

A computer department manager is responsible for scheduling, optimizing, budgeting and controlling of the department for accomplishing all activities. He can be termed as a manager and not a leader. He executes and directs the resources for their functionality and observes discipline towards schedule and costs.

Chief Information Officer (CIO) is a highest role on the technical side and embraces the technology change, adaptation, measuring deviations, adopting better strategies and managing the role of the IT in an organization.

In 2010, the role of CIO would be more specific and in the area of their core expertise. Presently the general factor would be replaced with specialized factor for fetching the right solution to a problem. The segregation of the various roles would make sure that quality of execution would play a large role and enough space would be allowed to fetch the right thoughts for the ultimate benefit of the organization (, 2008).

The specificity in the roles and successful rotation would imply that CIO’s perform best at their core domain because of technological skills they embrace for years of practice and role rotation would expose them to other areas where they may obtain an overview to correlate the operations for further benefit. The division of work would also imply better innovation and research into a particular field and generating lucrative thoughts for business continuity and long term planning.

The “general” factor and the nature to cater to the entire organization would make sure that all the various role played by the CIO would be divided into various sections namely operations, sales, technical architecture and so on. The CIO position would be shared by many champions in their field of technology and would cater better attitude and accountability for the various job sections (Chapman, 2007).

One person handling the organizational risk is quite alarming and does not always make a sense


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