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Hi I Need Help With Essay On Counselor Ethics And Responsibilities Guidelines Pa

Hi, I need help with essay on Counselor Ethics and Responsibilities Guidelines. Paper must be at least 1500 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

The next important move will be to ask the client if I can a combine session with her parents to allow them share their thoughts about the situation. Two ethical issues that I will have to deal with include whether advising the client on other alternatives to abortion could interfere with her autonomy.

I strongly believe that every individual has a right to choose time as well as how to end his/her life with dignity especially when suffering from terminal illness. I feel that it is quite inhumane to stop an individual from hastening his death especially his/her health has significantly deteriorated from prolonged illness. I will start the counseling process by trying to establish if the state law allows physician assisted suicide (PAS). The next thing will be to allow the client clarify her thought and feelings towards PAS and the possibility of exploring alternatives to the decisions. The option of advising the client on other alternatives to PAS and whether it is in the best interest to allow her continue with PAS are two major ethical issues that I will consider.

Trust and respect are the two most important determinant of a successful and effective counseling relation between the client and the counselor. Remley, Jr and Herlihy (2010) asserts that clients must always feel safe in the hands of their counselors and this can only be achieved when they trust in the counselor’s ability to safeguard their interest and respect their rights in the relationship. The fact that the counselor is highly experienced in his/her field does not give them an absolute power over the client considering that the client has a number of rights that needs to be protected in the relationship.

Key among the clients rights in a counseling relationship include but not limited right to autonomy, right to confidentiality, right to known counseling techniques or strategies, right to request for copies of records


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