Hi, I need help with essay on (Course: Leaders, Managers, and Entrepreneurs) Leadership paper: Write a discussion/analysis paper on the classic , Twelve OClock High. The film was nominated for four Academy Awards and won twoSupporting Actor and Best Sound Recording. Paper must be at least 1000 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

Savage applies the military leadership approach to the 918th, which refers to the authoritarian or autocratic leadership, a sharp contrast to Colonel Davenport’s charismatic leadership style. Autocratic leadership enforces power through intimidation, threats, reward, and punishment (Rabinowitz). They make decisions unilaterally and focus on completing tasks, similar to transactional leadership (McCleskey 122). The film portrays the strengths and weaknesses of authoritarian leadership, which can be mediated through leader benevolence. It also depicts that even the strongest autocratic leader breaks down, when he has identified with his followers and lost sight of the relevance of their long-term mission.

General Savage depicts the strengths of authoritarian leadership, particularly, the ability to make quick, strategic decisions and to maintain calmness during critical situations. Autocratic leadership is effective in times of crises, where high risks and uncertainty exist (Rabinowitz). General Savage makes rapid decisions that are based on their missions. He wants the 918th to be ready for every mission, even when they have been on air for three days already. He explains to Captain Doc Kaiser (Paul Stewart) that he cannot be as charismatic as Colonel Davenport because he does not have the time to establish personal relationships with his subordinates, he does not want and cannot compete with Colonel Davenport’s popularity, and he believes that the 918th can do better than stay in a low-morale status (Twelve OClock High). He is right because they are in a war and, whether it is moral or not to go on despite being emotionally and physically exhausted, they have to perform their mission, or Germany might get strong enough to attack, not only other European countries, but also the United States of America. In addition, autocratic leaders may seem insensitive and detached in making unilateral decisions (Schuh, Zhang, and Tian 632), but their calmness helps them

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