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Hi I Need Help With Essay On Create A Visually Effective Bcg Matrix For Your Com

Hi, I need help with essay on Create a visually effective BCG matrix for your company (NOT in excel). You do not have to show all of your calculations, but should create a table showing the main elements that go into the matrix: Segment of business, your brands, top competitor, basis. Paper must be at least 500 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

Comfort Inn- Comfort Inn is in a potential spot, which is positioned just above source of income in the star category. This should remain in this category and more resources and management strategies should be applied to ensure that other brands move to this level.

Comfort Suites- If the Comfort Suites and Clarion are put together, it will move it to the Star group. As from the chart, the Comfort Suites perform relatively better compared to the Clarion. This implies that the brand Comfort Suites will be kept.

Cambria Suites- Cambria has the prospective to become a star, however close monitoring is requisite to establish its growth ability. Despite the fact that it is utilizing a lot of money, its growth is rapid. This implies that if consistency is sustained then this class will be able to move to the star


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