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Hi I Need Help With Essay On Critical Thinking Paper Must Be At Least 1000 Words 1

Hi, I need help with essay on Critical Thinking. Paper must be at least 1000 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

He cannot have this girl because his competitor has her as girl friend. Despite of this fact, he is seeing a life with her and even is materialistic about her rather than being in love.

We can see that he is planning everything ahead of time and thought about what he can achieve with a woman life Polly. His thought is so critical that he thinks even love is a calculation. We can understand that for every aspect in life he uses intelligence so he is a man of critical thinking. He also believes the since Polly lack intelligence she can be trained and won over. This is also a calculation and hence he proves to be a man of thinking. He believes life can be successful if one used intelligence to achieve things they want. Critical thinking is the main phenomenon in his life where he even thinks love is about planning, intelligence and calculation.

2.The human reason thinks before they take decisions or comes to conclusion. Human use their cognitive ability and experience to take decisions. Reasoning is an essential compound of thinking as it gives logic or meaning explanation to their understanding. However the human reasoning has its limits. Some things we can reason with logic like our love to God. Why do you think we love God? We do not have any scientific evidence that God exist and we cannot reason that God is our creator or such a concept has validity. But we unknowingly surrender to a higher power. We love God but we have no reasons to prove it. This means everything in life cannot be reasoned as it has limits.

Even when we think of love towards opposite sex and love at first sight we cannot bring in reasoning it. Some aspects in life like love, honesty and devotion have no reasoning support. The morality and ethical nature of a person cannot be explained by reasoning. We cannot understand why a person lies often while others rarely lie or lead corrupt life. Such things cannot be reasoned by them or people around


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