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Hi I Need Help With Essay On Critically Evaluate A Current Uk Government Policy

Hi, I need help with essay on Critically evaluate a current UK government policy relating to a social group, both of which are impacted by globalization. In your report, examine any practice issues arising from the policy for members of the social group. Paper must be at least 3000 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

The policy on asylum has been influenced by EU legislations and other conventions on human rights

Current UK government policy on asylum is based on two measures. First, the UK government has set controls to vet asylum seekers with the aim of determining the authenticity of their status claims. Second, the UK government has instituted extraterritorial measures to delay or deter asylum seekers and refugees from entering its territory

While awaiting determination of their status, refugees and asylum seekers in the UK are detained in not so human enclosures, in addition to being denied access to care and other rights only enjoyed by citizens. Furthermore, asylum seekers and refugees are not allowed to engage in paid employment. The treatment of refugees and asylum seekers in the UK has reinforced the notion that these populations are dangerous criminals and a threat to economic development

Globalisation has, indeed, opened up global frontiers to immigrants and asylum seekers from diverse nations. However, immigration is an emotive subject in contemporary society as it provokes very strong racist feelings. Discussions on immigration illicit distorted views and misconceptions from mainstream media and politicians. Immigration and immigrant are terms that are now being treated synonymously with “foreigners” or “outsiders” (Goldberg, 2008). The UK has had a long history of hostility towards immigrants and these hostilities are being reproduced and propagated in society today (Uslaner, 2012). Much as globalisation has facilitated free movement of populations across international borders, immigration policies aimed at managing migrant populations discriminates against refugees and asylum-seekers in the UK.

Current discussions on immigration policies in the UK and European Union as a whole exemplify the contentions surrounding immigration. On one hand, the UK government is obligated by international agreements and treaties to protect


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