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Hi I Need Help With Essay On Data Analysis Conclusion And Plan Of Action Recomme

Hi, I need help with essay on Data Analysis, Conclusion, and Plan of Action (recommendation). Paper must be at least 1250 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

One of the most popular studies has been undertaken by Skinner, which focuses on the issue of punishment and motivation. According to his argument, when a person is made to undergo a punishment, then they reflect upon their actions and try to mend their behavior in a manner that is more acceptable to the society. However, skinner further clarifies that one should teach good behavior through positive reinforcement. Consider the clip system as part of the ‘Intervention strategy’, which constituted thinking and formulation of a set of rules. Under an experiment, students in a class were made to develop a strategy to wait for their turn to recite a poem. While there were initial problems ranging from interruptions to a noisy classrooms to students disrespecting each other, inducing a sense of motivation into students to present a high five clip to the student at the start of a turn helped in bringing an order into the system where every student soon waited for their turn. As such, through the use of motivation, it can be seen that rules can be formulated gradually.

Skinner’s study on operant conditioning in 1938 was to establish of positive reinforcement, which he believed helped maintain the desired behavior in a very effective manner. Parents and teachers make use of the concept of rewarding young children to help manage their behavior. Examples in this regard would be to give sweets or mark stars for a pupil who scored the highest grades in a particular subject or exam. Harry Wong has deduced that students tend to learn the best in a controlled environment when the number of rules is kept between 3 to 5, which helps students to remember them with ease. By devising a small set of tangible rules, students were able to practice their decision making abilities on the basis of these rules and make the necessary changes in an effort to accommodate themselves into the new rule based system.

Another technique under behavioral psychology is self


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