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Hi I Need Help With Essay On Defining Clinical Psychology As A Profession Paper

Hi, I need help with essay on Defining Clinical Psychology as a Profession. Paper must be at least 1000 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

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244). Psychological counseling on the other hand entails the exploration of an individual’s feelings, thoughts and other aspects in life to gain insight of the client’s condition in order to promote one’s well being. Psychological counseling finds its practice in a health care set up too. However, the counseling is no t so much restricted to the medical field as clinical psychology. Counseling in this case touches on the resolution of conflicts as well as various conditions that deal with the social interlinkages within the society. Counseling offers the various options that are available that help maintain the social linkages or relationships in the society. The topics in counseling are broadly classified into two groups. These topics include the therapeutic modalities and coaching as well as mentoring intersections (McFall 2006, p. 28). The school psychologists are found mainly in the school set up. The school psychologist role is to promote intellectual, emotional, social and development of the lives of the students within the school. They are often involved in activities such as psychological testing especially of the achievement and intelligence forms of evaluation. Through this forms of psychological tests, they are able to establish the learning disabilities that the students have (Stricker and Trienweiler 2006, p. 40). The five major milestones that have brought numerous changes to the psychology discipline occurred in the last 75 years. The distinction of clinical psychology as a science in its own rights has taken place over many years. The transformation of psychology has taken place over the years with various steps being made. Philosophy was a wide discipline that was arrived at during the ancient Greek times. Philosophy comprised of all the elements that dealt with the human logic and mental well being. Psychology was viewed to be part of philosophy. This can be attributed to the interlinkages which at that time had not been clearly separated from the philosophy. However, with the advent of more scholars dedicating their time in research, various notions were given on how to demarcate psychology from philosophy. As a result of the intense studies, it was only until the late 18th century that a distinct boundary was established to clinical psychology as a discipline on its own. Clinical psychology began with the inception of the Witmer’s psychological clinic. The establishment of the clinic was based on the establishments that Wundt made with regard to psychological research such as measurement of perception and introspection (Benjamin 2005, p. 2). Clinical psychology was further developed with the various psychological experiments in the second world war period and other researches carried out such as the Ebbinhaus and memory experiments that gave rise to the forgetfulness curve. The curve provides an insight in understanding the mental capacity of the human beings and how long they are able to retain an event in their memories. The other developmental milestone in differentiating philosophy from psychology, the notion of behaviorism was developed. Their theory was based on the notion that a stimulus is the antecedent of producing the varied forms of behavior.


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