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Hi I Need Help With Essay On Develop An Research Proposal For A Project Related

Hi, I need help with essay on Develop an research proposal for a project related to social care provision for pre-school children. Paper must be at least 2000 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

The type of social care has been found to have an influence on the personalities and behaviour patterns of children (Burchinal, 2009). The proposed study therefore aims at validating the research studies carried out by other people and seeks to improve on the measures taken towards the alleviation of the problems. The study also aims to assess the position of women in the problem and tries to find ways that can be used to incorporate them in the solutions.

The problem of the study is to identify the challenges of day care facilities and organizations and suggest ways through which these problems and challenges may be resolved. The problem is an old one, which has become more pronounced with the increase in population and strain on the available social amenities (Children’s Foundation, 2007). Also, the fact that more women are participating in the workforce contributes to the burden on social care for child support. The study therefore has in its scope the implementation of both long term and short-term solutions for the standards needed for day care as well through policy change.

The literature review is expected to include a discussion of the preschool day care facilities in the UK and how it impacts on the economy and the society. It will also include previous research undertaken to assess the impact of quality of day care on the development of children.

Data is collected periodically by the U.K Census bureau on the different arrangements that are employed by families with working mothers. The Daycare Trust publishes child cost surveys annually. It covers cost surveys in January for general child-care costs and July for holiday child-care costs. According to Daycare trust 2011, the survey indicates that child-care costs have increased and surpassed the average wage. This has placed parents under financial immense strain. For example, the costs of child minders in Scotland for children


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