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Hi I Need Help With Essay On Different Research Questions Require Different Rese

Hi, I need help with essay on Different Research Questions Require Different Research Methods. Paper must be at least 2250 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

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Other key areas include research strategies and data collection. The most noteworthy part of the research study is to come to a decision regarding the nature of the project as, based on it, the approach would be ascertained. There are various methods and/or approaches that exist for carrying out a research study such as Quantitative Approach, Qualitative Approach, Descriptive Approach, Fundamental Approach, Exploratory Approach and Experimental Approach among others. These methods play significant roles in research study as these are useful to cross-checking and verifying a particular research tool and the validity of the data collected (New Age Publishers, n.d.). The methods of research keep changing according to the questions and with the concerns of the research study. With regards to these, the aim of the paper is to analyse the various research methods, particularly Qualitative, Quantitative, Experimental and Exploratory approaches along with the significant factors that have been considered while determining the research methods. Similarly, it has been also intended to identify in this paper whether ‘different research questions require different research methods’. …

The purpose of conducting this category of research is to capture the qualities and the meanings of the facts that are not quantifiable and that can be a variety of aspects, for instance, thoughts, experiences and feelings among others. Data collection method, at times require extended time period. Qualitative data deals with extremely rich descriptions of human behaviour and opinion regarding a particular subject. Data gathered in a qualitative method are primarily presented in descriptive forms and engage non-measurable qualities. These types of data might be collected for a particular occasion as well. Qualitative research studies in general include ethnographies, case studies and descriptive studies. Ethnography is referred as the analytical description or rebuilding of intact cultural scenes and accumulation. It often includes interviews, observations, surveys and historical and documented analyses (Savenye &amp. Robinson, 2002). Quantitative Method Quantitative research approach is primarily based on the extent of quantity or measurable classifications. It is based on a statistical element which can be involved in the research study. For instance, a quantitative research approach can consider data collection through surveys by designing questionnaire, telephonic interview, hall tests, door to door interviews and product placements among others. In the similar context, the collected data can be analysed through the implications of trend analysis framework and correlation research among others with significant consideration to the hypotheses. Furthermore, it is not possible for the research study to consider only the quantitative matters.


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