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Hi I Need Help With Essay On Discussion Evaluating Software Paper Must Be At Lea

Hi, I need help with essay on Discussion: Evaluating Software. Paper must be at least 500 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

had been made by the accounting and billing department, the use of the old system of manually entering figures and values was becoming quite tedious and tiresome and it was imperative for the clinic to purchase new software that would ease the strain on the department (Ball 2000).

To purchase this software, a brief meeting was called in which the I.T. department was instructed to conduct a research on the best possible software that could help ease the strain that was being exerted on the accounting and billing department of the hospital.

After a few days, a team was set up that consisted of stake holders drawn from the Human resource department, Accounts and billing department and the Information Technology department. The team was tasked with the responsibility of spearheading the process of selection, purchase and eventual installation of the software to the clinic’s computer systems (Ball 2000).

After conducting random interviews among random members of the staff, the team that was entrusted with the responsibility of purchasing the software managed to create criteria that the software would have to satisfy. Some of the elements of this criteria include:

Cost Analysis: The team had created an estimated budget for the software and they used this criteria to weed out some of the potential software that happened to be too costly to purchase and install (Ball 2000).

Utility / Quality Assessment: The team used this criteria to eliminate the software that other clinics had tried installing into their systems but had been forced to change over from them as a result of substandard qualities, or a general failure to meet the set expectations on the part of the software (Buchsel & Whedon 1995).

Maintenance and Upgradeability: This was also an important factor as it enabled them select software that had adequate and ready customer support. The team wanted to select software that had experts that were ready to help sort out any issues that might potentially occur


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