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Hi I Need Help With Essay On Distribution System Of Sport Apparel In The United

Hi, I need help with essay on Distribution System of Sport apparel in the United Arab Emirates. Paper must be at least 750 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

As the paper highlights the role of chain stores is to link to the consumers. They connect producers with consumers. Online retail stores are available to the United Arab Emirate clients. It offers the opportunity to serve a wider market that was not previously accessible. Distribution concentrations in the United Arab Emirates are intensive distribution density and selective distribution density depending on the product and target market. The target market is the market is people aged 16 – 30 years old. These are active customers of sport apparel, this segment often shop and especially in Mall areas. They are the trend setting group. The target market will debut on product lines.

This study declares that &nbsp.the United Arab Emirates legal system recognizes the registered and unregistered commercial/business oriented agents. In the United Arab Emirate, there is no difference between a distributor and an agent. They are all known as commercial agents. The law favors registered agent, and choice of the right agent is crucial because a contract entered into by a producer and registered agent cannot be ruminated except when determined by a government committee. The terms of contract differ. They depend on the sales volume and the agent. The responsibilities and performance measures are usually clearly defined. The commonly used way of distributing sport gears and sports apparel in the United Arab Emirates is through a commercial agent. The other methods used are direct sales to the end users, sales through informal channels, re-seller agreement, joint venture firms and through licensing agreements.


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