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Hi I Need Help With Essay On E Retailing And Logistics Paper Must Be At Least 10

Hi, I need help with essay on E-retailing and logistics. Paper must be at least 1000 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

One has to invest in the progress of a first class virtual catalogue in order to really be successful in e-commerce. Like a mail catalogue, a virtual catalogue presents pictures as well as information regarding the products, as well as offers a way for clients to place orders. Although in place of posting the catalogue to the client, the client moves towards the catalogue by visiting the businesss website. Virtual catalogues have a number of diverse benefits as compared to customary mailed ones. The nature of a website makes it convenient and easy to demonstrate the product in a range of choices and to take account of added product information that there might not be space for in a mail catalogue. In addition, contrasting a mail catalogue, virtual catalogues can be simply transformed to include or eliminate products and to renew product accessibility information (Jelassi & Enders, p. 19, 2008).

Business’s website as well as virtual catalogue will just be as successful as the number of traffic or prospective clientele that pay visits to the website. One has to look at the opportunity of publicity on search engines such as Google and Yahoo in order to raise traffic. For the most part, search engines sell space for advertisements that will come into sight next to or around the listing of websites that appear when an internet user types in a word or phrase to search for. During the accurate situations, these advertisements can be a best method to direct individuals who possibly may have a curiosity in the product displayed on the company’s website (Chen, p. 97, 2004).

A further method to raise traffic is to publish links to business’s website on other high traffic websites. For either a payment or a mutual linking contract, other companies may be ready to incorporate an advertisement for one’s business on their website. Despite the fact that it is very doubtful that one will influence the competition to chip in in this sort of deal, it is very possible to


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