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Hi I Need Help With Essay On Enterprise Resource Planning Erp System Paper Must

Hi, I need help with essay on Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP System). Paper must be at least 3000 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

Such advances are well catered by adopting the use of Enterprise resource planning software. The software records data that enables consumers to have access to the hotels website thus making planning easier. It is the case that has been used by the Fairmont Hamilton hotels to spur its growth within the tourism and hospitality sector.

It is one of the most performing hotels of Bermuda situated in the city of Hamilton. It comprise of beautiful guest rooms, boasting of the uninterrupted view of the harbors. The proximal location of the oasis, the enterprise possesses one of the most attraction centers around the globe if not the world (Howard, 2004). The bars and restaurants are provided for in an open air that soothes it even more to customers as they enjoy the breeze while dining in their leverages. The social amenities are neither not left out, the pools and existing rooms are up to the modern trends that can influence any person to have a visit to the facility. It is an experience worth remembering if not a dream resort to any individual with the information. And to be honest, where I sit, I am flabbergasted and anticipating taking my chances one day. While to my colleagues who are wandering, I guess you should pass by for lunch or start the day over there with a breakfast may be you will have a story to tell.

Hence, due to the attractive nature of the environment, customer number have risen over the past that the human labor has found it even more hard to deal with in the Fairmount hotels. But the technology has become so much available nowadays and why should the organization suffer or even tirelessly overwork the staffs when the solutions are at hand. As a result, it prompts the use of enterprise resource planning software that can aid in the management. ERP is a system that enhances information flow that can be used for various purposes through data generation. It provides for records such as sales, inventories, and web based that consumers can access


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