Hi, I need help with essay on Enterprise risk assessment, audit, and Cyberlaw policy. Paper must be at least 2500 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

the structure of any successful enterprise, the continuous data necessary exchange facilitates the efficiency of operation and enables the presence of identifiable risk factors, including the financial risk, operational risk, hazard risks, and strategic risks. The purpose of the plan is the assessment of the various risks that are associated with an interaction network which happens daily between the suppliers, investors, stakeholders, and employees while offering clear guidelines of conducting intentions to mitigate the risks.

Mematech Company has consumed a lot of money, time, and human resources to ensure the security of the company is up-to –date. The company has partnered with companies like Symantec. Symantec develops industry’s security software and web security threat analysis for MemaTEch. In the report, the company outlines some of the security trends and threats and then guide on how it can be fixed and prevented. The partner also provides some practices for the company. Therefore, based on the company’s study, MemaTech has ten security practices, procedures and guidelines. The company encrypts its file systems, encrypts stored data, and encrypts the entire wire transfers. Encryption is important because it protects sensitive data and helps in preventing data loss due to equipment loss or through theft. The company also uses digital certificates to sign its sites. MemaTech saves its certificates to hardware machines like the router, or even load balancers. The company has avoided, saving the certificates on their web server and has resolved to obtain their certificate from trusted authorities only. In addition, the company has implemented auditing and DLP. The company uses data loss prevention and auditing of files in monitoring, alerting, identifying, and blocking the data flow out and into the company’s network. MemaTech has implemented are removable policy in the media. Here, the company has restricted using USB drives, thumb drives, external

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