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Hi I Need Help With Essay On Ethics In Information Technology Paper Must Be At L

Hi, I need help with essay on Ethics in Information Technology. Paper must be at least 750 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

Privacy in the workplace is a moral issue that directly affects the employees and the employer. The issue undergoes maintenance in an organization because various people in the organization value information stored in their computing devices (Reynolds, 2014). When an employee works in a certain organization, he or she acquires various company assets for instance a personal computer. In as much as the employer entrusts the employee with the particular type of computing equipment, it does not guarantee complete access to the system by the employer. That is the reason as to why majority of the organizations insists that various employees safeguard their private information and documents in encrypted or password protected drives or folders.

Privacy operates from a wide range of issues. The first issue of privacy occurs when there is the monitoring of the employee’s web activities and the email use. Majority of the industries and organizations are adopting a policy where employee activities tracked through a log file. The main aim of the particular activity is to test the employees’ loyalty to the company or firm that has employed them (Reynolds, 2014). However, the particular scenario usually undergoes treatment characterized by ignorance and various data that is personal to the employee becomes exposed. The particular activity therefore falls under breach employee confidentiality and privacy. Several instances can force a particular company to conduct such an activity.

The question on whether it is right or wrong for a company to infiltrate the personal data stored on personal computers at work places remains a big challenge. The motive of the search for what files and documents searched provides a good baseline for the conduction of such an activity. However, for the efficient conduction of the particular process, owners of the particular computer systems undergo sensitization of the exercise (Reynolds, 2014).

Various right paradigms or structures


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