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Hi I Need Help With Essay On Ethics Suppose A Female Friend Came To You And Said

Hi, I need help with essay on Ethics:Suppose a female friend came to you and said the followingI’m leaving my husband & my children. I don’t love him anymore.I don’t know who I am. I am going to India, find a guru,& reach enlightenment.What ethical advice wo. Paper must be at least 500 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

Gilligan will advise the friend that all persons are interdependent on the choices they choose. Secondly, she will remind her that she was free to make her own choice. She would criticize the friend’s husband centered personality of taking the friend inferior in the decisions pertaining to their marital affairs. Gilligan would advise my acquaintance to go India to reflect upon here life and not to abandon her family (Noddings, 114).

Rand would advise my supposed friend based on her objectivism. She would advise the friend to be realistic of the individual she would be living to care for her family upon her departure. She would explain and advise the friend of her rational principles on here life and to care for her family. She would advise the friend to hearken to her own self-interest to determine if her soul would be at peace knowing well that she had abandoned her husband and kids (Pojman & Fieser, 100).

Bentham would advise my supposed friend to be with her family, and not let her actions be decided by the pain of putting up with her husband, since she does not live him any more. She would emphasize to the friend that her husband was capable of changing from his negative behavior and be admirable again. Bentham advice to the friend will be that her companion is the best man for her. She will explain to her that her dissatisfaction was coming from the fact that she already knew him, but she would leave her with the final decision that she follows whatever thing that would bring her happiness at the end.

My professor would refer the friend’s situations to Jesus teachings. The professor would remind the friend of her sacred beliefs, and judging on her beliefs she would ask her what she thought Jesus would do in certain circumstances. He would highlight Jesus teachings to the woman and tell her that Jesus forgave all His offenders. He would ask her to picture


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