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Hi I Need Help With Essay On Evaluating A Policy For Adoption Paper Must Be At L

Hi, I need help with essay on Evaluating a Policy for Adoption. Paper must be at least 750 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

The cargo should also be properly marked to prevent confusion during the packing of the cargo for transportation. The plan also outlines the cargo logo to be applied for easy identification. According to Cummins, Byers, and Pedrick (2011), the draft plan must be peer-reviewed in order to ensure early rectification of the plan. For instance, recommendations on compliance of the cargo sealing exercise to the US standards are essential. The number of cargoes sealed after a specific time needs highlighting to avoid a backlog of containers for sealing. Accordingly, measures are obligatory to ensure the sealing policy is in tandem with the marine rules and regulations.

The initiative will ensure that potential risks are prevented, and the policy implementation is easy. The reviewing of the policy plan is critical because the policy is prepared for posterity. The policy framework should be restructured in order to allow for the use of mnemonic codes for easy identification of cargo. The initiative will enhance the location of cargo. As a result, the policy will be owned by the operational staff at the ground level. It will make implementation of the policy easy in all aspects. The United States draft plan should also involve the use of a few approaches, including the containerized freight fixing strategy. The approach applies to the containerized freight, particularly the payload that cruises through the ocean and the area. In addition, the authority subject to the regulations must open the load. The regulation will apply to all the compartments, which are opened as a holder security activity port. Consent ought to be given as to the host country. The payload, which will fit the bill for the strategy incorporate the trailers, compartments and autos. According to Cummins, Byers and Pedrick (2011), the containerized freight should ensure that cargo is delivered in compartments with attached seal. In


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