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Hi I Need Help With Essay On Fixing Past Is Impossible Related To The Great Gats

Hi, I need help with essay on Fixing past is impossible (related to The Great Gatsby and the reltionship between Fitzgerald and his wife). Paper must be at least 1000 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

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Arguably, everybody has a story that they are likely to share with the world if given a chance to. People like Fitzgerald had a story about his past and his wife that he shared with the public. The character, Jay Gatsby also had a past that he wished to change in the book, “The Great Gatsby” by Fitzgerald himself. As Gatsby embarks on a mission to change his past, the mission turns tragic and he dies in the process. Other characters too have histories they wish to change, just as the book suggests. This is a proof enough that the past is impossible to change, regardless of the efforts employed and the determination of a person. The book, “The Great Gatsby” is a story about several characters with a funny lifestyle and mysterious pasts, living in an imaginary village of West Egg (Fitzgerald and Matthew 4). The village is the author’s idea, although the story is based on a real time, just after the World War 1 it is fictitious, with the author choosing to make the novel more interesting. Gatsby, as revealed by the book is a neighbour of Nick, a fresh graduate of Yale University who after securing a job as a bonds sales representative moved to Long island. Fresh new millionaires habit the place and Nick finds himself being neighbours with a mysterious wealthy man, Jay Gatsby. The millionaire is known to Nick as the extravagant man who throws a series of extravagant parties. Little did he know that he would at one time get entangled in his web of a disturbed love affair with Nick’s cousin Daisy, wife to Tom Buchanan, another wealthy millionaire living in the Island. Nick is at first portrayed as an ambitious young man who had served in the war as a veteran. His escapades with the love affairs of the village begin the day his cousin Daisy invites him for a dinner at their house. In attendance was a public figure, common but emotionally evasive golfer, Jordan Baker, who Nick developed a liking. The dinner is however cut short when Tom, Daisy’s husband answers a phone from a woman called Myrtle Wilson, with Jordan accusing him of having an affair with. Tom is portrayed as an arrogant man, who takes Nick to a private apartment, where they rendezvous with Myrtle, but later Tom in a fight breaks her nose. Nick and Gatsby become friends when Nick is invited to one of Gatsby’s extravagant parties. Most of the people do not know who Gatsby is, and in the party, Nick bumps into Jordan whom he starts hitting on. It was during the party that Nick and Gatsby realize that they both served in the war as veterans. For both of them the friendship becomes a turning point, with Nick having lunch with one of Gatsby’s business associates, a notorious gangster of the Jewish origin by the name Meyer Wolfsheim. While Nick becomes introduced into the complex life of Gatsby, Gatsby himself finds himself considering undoing his past, that of his relationship Nick’s cousin, Daisy. The story of the affair between Gatsby and Daisy dates back to his past life before the warm, a time he actually felt like marrying and settling down with her, as told to Nick by Jordan. However, it was during his absence from her life during the war and the time he was in college at Trinity College that she met and married Tom Buchanan. Gatsby after his personal reinvention and being awesomely rich decides to buy a house near Daisy’s and goes ahead to throw the parties in hope that Daisy would one day appear and he would get an opportunity to make up with her.


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