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Hi I Need Help With Essay On Formulating Analyzing Researching Tourism Policy Pa

Hi, I need help with essay on Formulating Analyzing & Researching Tourism Policy. Paper must be at least 1750 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

The developmental policy of the Gatwick policy is to “ensure that Gatwick’s operation and development effectively address national, regional and local objectives for economically, socially and environmentally responsible development” (GAOMP p. 3). Regarding the environmental issues, special care is taken by the policy designers to address issues that are related to ‘air quality and air noise’ as well as ‘ground noise, biodiversity and resource use” (GAOMP p. 4). Similarly, it is also mandatory that the Gatwick policy gives due importance to ‘safety and security on the ground and in the air’ while designing the buildings and structures for the proposed plan. The legal limits to Gatwick policy are set by the airspace policy and air traffic control put by the UK Government and National Air Traffic services. Consequently, the new policy should give predominance to the four objectives for sustainable development. These four objectives include “Social progress which recognizes the needs of everyone”, “Effective protection of the environment”, “prudent use of natural resources” and “maintenance of high and stable levels of economic growth and employment” (GAOMP P. 7). The air port development also needs to take into account the developmental control guidelines set out in town and country planning legislation, circulars and guidance and should cope up with the airport design criteria set by the Civil Aviation Authority, the airport security guidelines set by the Department of Transport and the safeguard aerodrome and public safety zones (GAOMP P. 13). If the tour is not properly planned considering all the aspects it can cause many socio-economic and environmental problems. Avoiding these negative impacts must be the priority of the policy makers. The local authority support is also a significant requirement for the development.


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