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Hi I Need Help With Essay On Fundy Chesapeake Paper Must Be At Least 500 Words P

Hi, I need help with essay on Fundy & Chesapeake. Paper must be at least 500 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

Other processes such as volcanicity afterward occurred. Volcanic activity led to the formation of volcanic mountains and flood basalts. These flood basalts poured out over the landscape, covering much of Southern Nova Scotia. Some sections of the flood basalts eroded (Harlow, 2006).

The upper part of the Bay Fund splits into Chignecto Bay in the northeast and minas Basin in the east. Chignecto Bay additionally divided into Cumberland basin and shepody bay and the extreme eastern portion of Minas Basin (Cobequid bay). The upper reaches show that is exposed red bay sludge for which is bay noted. The minas channel connects the Minas Basin with main bay body. The channel is approximately 5, 6 kilometers across and approximately 106.7 meters. Therefore tides that flow through are very powerful.

The lower bay part has four sub basins namely: Back Bay and Passamaquoddy Bay on New Brunswick shore, Annapolis Basin on the Nova Scotia shore and cobs cook Bay. The bay’s extreme tidal range causes the Saint John’s River to flow in a reversed direction at high tide causing a series of rapids at famous Reversing falls where the river empties into the bay in the gorge in the focal point of the city of Saint John.

Rivers in the upper Bay of Fundy have a lesser flow rate than the Saint John, and a shallower slope. This causes widespread mud flats deposited all through the tidal range of rivers. In the tidal bore, wave front of water bores pushes up a river against its normal flow. The shallow and narrow estuaries around the upper bay produce bores on regular basis. The advancing tide is slowed by shallow waters consequently building up with a deep pour of advancing water.

Contrary, Chesapeake Bay is located in a poor geographical location and therefore has no bores. The bay has lower tides because small tidal range unlike the Fundy bay. The Amazon River despite the fact that is the largest river in the entire world, its mouth is not narrow. The


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