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The new construction takes into account aptly the congestion factor and ensures that the old construction and old standardized look of the community does not get affected, thereby it has reduced the licenses to 48 from 52.

The public safety, fulfillment of the technical factors which include the height consideration, spacing factor, the pedestrians safety factor, ground usage percentage factor, and most importantly the traffic factor since with time, area has become congested and finding parking space for your cars has become a nuisance, thereby the new design must ensure facilitation of more vehicles, at the same time ensuring that the other factors are not compromised due to it.

The neighborhood is in such a state and outfit that change in one segment and one area would allow a change in other areas of the community as well, therefore each of the action of amendment must be taken with due consideration of the surrounding factors.

While the aforementioned factors are to be taken into account, the Panel took each of these into consideration before reaching a conclusion. A penal of eight members was established for this purpose to adjudicate whether the proposed construction and modification would be any help towards the presently prevailing situation.

The structures are designed to facilitate multiple families in the apartments. These apartments are 3 story apartments spread over roughly around 0.25 acres. The property has been in function since 1975.

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