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Hi I Need Help With Essay On Georgia Cancer Foundation Paper Must Be At Least 75

Hi, I need help with essay on Georgia Cancer Foundation. Paper must be at least 750 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

In midst of such cancer crisis, Georgia Cancer Foundation (2010) is one of the non-profit organizations that are playing a significant and momentous role in preventing and reducing the number of cancer patients on this planet, specifically in the United States. In specific, 1975 witnessed establishment of this non-profit organization with the name of Southeastern Cancer Foundation (GCF, 2010), which later changed into its present name, Georgia Cancer Foundation. Since then, it has been momentous in putting efforts to plan and arrange provision of education and awareness facilities to residents of Georgia in the United States. Besides planning and arranging educational programs, the foundation is responsible for providing facilities of early detection of cancer agents in the human body that has been very significant in reducing the number of cancer patients that reach the level of untreatable cancer.

One of the noteworthy attributes of Georgia Cancer Foundation (GCF, 2010) is its huge scope that includes all types of cancer, and thus, the foundation caters individuals coming from different and diverse backgrounds while fulfilling their requirements related with the disease of cancer. In order to cater all the residents of Georgia, the foundation runs a support group network that consists of different cancer services, especially of women that have been very beneficial for the organization to endeavor for the cause of cancer. With such networking of cancer services, the Georgia Cancer Foundation (GCF, 2010) has been successful in proving itself as the leader in the field of cancer care in the US state of Georgia.

Statistics (GCF, 2010) have indicated that only in Georgia, approximately six thousand women get their breast cancer diagnosed in the state that points out the urgent need for an organization to focus on the women at risk of getting breast cancer. For this


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