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Hi I Need Help With Essay On Giving Advice About Treatment Paper Must Be At Leas

Hi, I need help with essay on Giving Advice About Treatment. Paper must be at least 1250 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

Thus it is the attempted treatment of an existing (diagnosed) ailment, by way of various measures, procedures and therapies. As Butcher, Hooley and Mineka (2014) aver, there is need for individual questioning as to the need of treatment as a form of therapy in this regard.

Led by the nature of the ailment(s) diagnosed, the medical expert should have information of the most optimal of avenues through which the best medical dispensation may be achieved. In the field of psychology, the specialty of psycho-therapy, also known as ‘talk’ therapies, is the most preferred avenue of treatment. This is informed by the fact that various ailments in this field are fundamentally influenced by what I would refer to as – mental imbalance. According to my understanding, this is best treated by way of psychotherapy utilizing the aspect of human interaction. Various treatment measures are influenced by decisions that often follow either informal or formal algorithmic guidelines. In this regard, treatment options available are prioritized/ ranked into phases/ lines of therapy i.e. first-, second- and third-line therapy. and so on (Butcher, Hooley & Mineka, 2014).

The first-line therapy session is often regarded as primary/ induction therapy that provides the initial treatment measures. Priority in this regard is given to this initial phase based on various issues, i.e. its choice based on the physician’s clinical experience or its formal recommendation based on clinical-trial evidence founded on its combination of tolerability, safety and efficacy. Accordingly, it is only after either the failure (of resolving ailments) or the production of intolerable side effects that additional therapies may be augmented into the line of treatment. Consequently, treatment may be through simultaneous utility of multiple therapies, poly-therapy. In my view, the best avenue of treatment intent is that of supportive therapy, with


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