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op employer in France and Europe and hence selecting Saint Gobain-India was an easy decision based on the excellent company record and long term vision of the company (Saint Gobain, 2014)

With innovation at its core, Saint Gobain has made products such as its automotive glass, construction materials and performance plastics. The automotive glass range comprises of cutting edge products in automotive glazing, laminated wind shields and tempered glasses. It also has special features such as acoustic control and enhanced security. The performance plastics range is the world’s leading range of high performance polymer products which are used for construction and various other purposes (Saint Gobain, 2014).

These products have been made keeping the current Indian market in mind. The construction industry in India has been growing at an average 9-11% year on year (EC Haris Research, 2011). This is due to a marked increase in manufacturing activities and industrial growth. Growth rates for the construction industry are expected to bypass the overall GDP growth over the next two years. The booming construction industry is the perfect market for the Saint Gobain construction materials (EC Haris Research, 2011).

Same is the case with the automotive industry. In March 2012, production of auto motives grew at the rate of 6.83% (ACMA, 2013). The domestic sales of auto motive domestic sales great at 10.11% as compared to 2011 (SIAM, 2013). The automobile market is booming and Saint Gobain India made the right choice by specializing in these products so it can cater to the growing demand of these markets.

As a company Saint Gobain has adapted to the Indian market and introduced products which are suitable for the growing industries and can cater to their need. The products are also high quality with innovative features (SIAM, 2013).

The poster highlights the core feature of Saint Gobain which is Innovation. The innovation strategy of Saint Gobain has been shown and how

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