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Hi I Need Help With Essay On Group Therapy Proposal Paper Must Be At Least 2000

Hi, I need help with essay on Group therapy proposal. Paper must be at least 2000 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

Whereas in times past, individuals may have characterized anxiety merely as stress, the way in which professionals now understand and can characterize the symptoms of anxiety has become greatly more pronounced. Ultimately, rather than making the individual’s life less fulfilling, chronic anxiety has the ability to cause a litany of other health problems in addition to shortening the individual’s overall life expectancy in the most extreme cases (Lewis et al, 2010). As a means of better understanding anxiety, it is necessary to understand that clinical anxiety is represented within a myriad of different disorders. With this in mind, post traumatic stress disorder (known by its acronym PTSD) is a specific type of anxiety that has come to be recognized as a much more powerful disorder than was previously thought. As researchers of the past several decades specifically understood PTSD to be related to shell shock or issues faced by soldiers returning from the theater of combat, psychiatrists and psychologists now engage a much broader understanding of PTSD and anxiety related to it. based upon the understanding that it can be represented within the life of nearly any individual that has undergone a stressful period within their life. As a function of seeking to understand PTSD to a more significant degree, the following anxiety research proposal will analyze a group of middle class, female university students that have been diagnosed with anxiety disorders to determine whether or not the symptoms and relevance of their anxiety could potentially be understood as stemming from a traumatic event. or otherwise indicative of the tell-tale markers of PTSD (Zhao, 2013).

As Bogels et al. (2010) indicates, anxiety disorders ultimately break down into the following two categories: continuous or episodic. As the name implies, episodic anxiety disorders are generally ones which afflict the


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