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Hi I Need Help With Essay On Health And Social Care Management Facility Change I

Hi, I need help with essay on Health and Social Care Management/ Facility Change in Health and Social Care. Paper must be at least 3250 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

I take the case representation of Royal United Hospital Bath, defining the various factors driving change within the organization. It also features explanation of the challenges and impacts of these factors of change within the context of the organization as well as procedures undertaken to address the challenges. Further, it evaluates the problem at hand of record keeping and information management within the organization. Further presents procedures of evaluating the process of change and implementing change in the organization. Thus, it is a timely discussion considering the recent reports of the CQC on the quality for service within the organization.

The incorporation of various quality check procedures within the healthcare services initiated a developing commitment by organizations to initiate change with respect to the expectations of the service recipients. Change within the healthcare service aims at meeting the prospects of the clientele as well as meet the designated quality checks and standards for delivering healthcare (Aveyard, 2014, p 37). The care quality commission in its released report on the affairs and state of service delivery in Royal United Hospital Bath NHS Trust initiated the basis for the establishment of several changes within the organization to meet the present challenges within the organization. However, the process of engaging change has its share of challenges, causing the need for organization to facilitate mitigation processes to these challenges. Additionally, the forces driving change also arise from the interior and peripheral environments of the organization, as is the case at Royal United Hospital Bath NHS Trust (‘Reports Summarize Clinical Trials and Studies Findings from Royal United Hospital’, 2014). The stakeholders of the facility continue to present various factors that drive the need for change within the organization, as well as, the various developments within


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