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Hi I Need Help With Essay On Health Management Versus Health Leadership Paper Mu

Hi, I need help with essay on Health Management versus Health Leadership. Paper must be at least 1000 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

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Controversies may have also emanated due to the nature of the fields. For instance, healthcare where almost the practitioners’ specializations vary according to their fields where their core purpose encompasses ensuring patients’ welfare, but not leading or managing (Geisler, Widerberg, Berghofer &amp. Willich, 2010). Leadership is an art of attaining set targets via people but not organizational goals, which is management’s role (Rigolosi, 2012). This study intends to seek adequate information regarding both the leadership and management from arguments esteemed by diverse intellectuals (Rigolosi, 2012). This is via reviewing, critiquing, evaluating and even ascertain new arguments concerning these two terms to come up with the best explanation or a proposition that may be appropriate. Rigolosi bases his argument on the phrase “organizational goals” to expound on the scope of both the management and leadership terms. According to him, the manager (Hospital Administrator) is an employee whose duties encompass ensuring effective accomplishing of the “organizational goals” by applying professional services (Rigolosi, 2012. pp. 4). This implies manager’s post bears the authority to mobilize those under the stated authority to accomplish any set goals. Conversely, he argues leadership assumes a broader scope compared to the management, whereby everybody in the healthcare possesses authority as a leader because of the expertise one possesses in a given field (Rigolosi, 2012). The latter encompasses accomplishing either individual or departmental goals but not the entire hospital’s targets (Rigolosi, 2012). For illustration, an ordinary nurse because of one’s expertise in a given field influences the actions of others. though this is incomparable to that of a head nurse, hence leadership and management theory (Rigolosi, 2012). The existing inevitable challenges evident in the clinical field have resulted to the emergence of innovative leadership and management approaches (Marquis &amp. Huston, 2009). Since, practitioners ought to act both as the patients’ agents and as healthcare administrators (Marquis &amp. Huston, 2009). Marquis and Huston (2009) argue that, it is essential for practitioners to go beyond application of transformational leadership, which earlier proved to be effective especially in resolving managerial predicaments. This is via applying of concepts that focus on the complexity of the relationship amid the leader and the follower, which align effectively with the 21St century predicaments (Marquis &amp. Huston, 2009. pp. 52). Concepts such as principle agent theory, human social capital theory, emotional intelligence, authentic leadership, quantum leadership, thought leadership, cultural bridging and servant leadership (Marquis &amp. Huston, 2009. pp. 52). This combination is an appropriate approach meant to direct present’s human capital because of its unique characteristic emanating from the urge to have satisfaction in their respective fields (Walshe &amp. Smith, 2011). Hence, this prompts managers to adopt strategies that will ensure effective employees’ retention (Walshe &amp. Smith, 2011). La Rue et al (2012) argues that, improved service delivery in the healthcare and other related outcomes are only viable via equipping the entire staff with adequate skills.


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