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Hi I Need Help With Essay On Health Safety And Welfare For Construction And The

Hi, I need help with essay on Health, Safety and Welfare for Construction and the Built Environment. Paper must be at least 1750 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

We also use data for the department of labour to ascertain if certain types of identified risks are preventable as well as their chances of recurrence.

When we have compiled the information about probable chances of hazards at the construction site, a decision is made based on this particular information. We also analyse the statistics of similar hazards identified or that have occurred in other construction sites in order to come up with effective solutions to prevent them. The diagram below illustrates the methods we use to identify potential hazards at out construction site.

The most common hazards in any construction site include slips, trips and falls. These may cause both minor and severe injuries. Slips are common on wet surfaces while falls and trips can occur at any stage of construction.

Lifting crane is a commonly used for lifting building material like bricks, cement, sand and other material. However, there is a risk that the items may fall which can cause injuries among the employees.

Answer: Standard formats for identifying and record hazards on site are mainly used for presenting a solid basis upon which all hazards can be measured, interpreted as well as addressed. Our company has its own standard form of identifying and recording hazards.

We mainly use this standard form to get feedback from the employees and supervisors. It provides all possible and probable hazards so safety supervisors do not need to think a lot during questioning. He just needs to follow the standard form.

Another very important use of the standard form is to compile data. If we don’t have any standard form to identify hazard, collected data will be a mess. Finding out data from that mess will be very hard. By using the standard form, we can compile the data as our requirement. We just need to set the standard form in the desired format.

By using standard form to identify and record hazards, we actually make this data


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