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Hi I Need Help With Essay On Health Service Quality Development 282 Part 2 Paper

Hi, I need help with essay on Health service quality development 282 (Part 2). Paper must be at least 1250 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

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Clinical governance is defined as the process by which various health service organizations are monitoring and ensuring improvement of the quality of their services in such for the benefit of patients. The most critical areas of criteria audit implementation are the pre and post surgical care. This will estimate the prognosis of the surgeries, the true necessity of the surgery and the staffing functions related to maintenance and collection of appropriate health records pertaining to the surgical care process. (Abdelhak et al., 2001) .The criteria audit in this paper is based on cholecystectomy which will throw a light on the actions and recommendations that are to be accepted to improve upon from the present status of health care provisions.These recommendations will not only create the room for economical justification but also to measure any treatment deviance that might lead to prolonged illness. Background The study includes the Curtin Hospital which is one of the important and busy hospitals in terms of handling a high volume of trauma care patients. It is a Government run public hospital and the patient profile is widespread belonging to diverse economical backgrounds. Cholecystectomy: Overview. The term ‘Cholecystectomy’ is defined as the surgical removal of the gall bladder .It is done when a condition called cholelithiasis or commonly called ‘Gall stones” occurs and the procedure aims to remove these stones only (Kapoor, 2007). This procedure is one of the commonest operations carried out all across the world because these stones will not only cause lower abdominal pain and impaired fat digestion but also predispose the patient to a gall bladder infection often leading to septicemia. The procedure is performed by the modern laparoscopy, where a small incision is done in the abdomen to perform the surgical removal, thus the chances of infection are minimized and the patient can be discharged from the hospital within 2-3 days. Another method is the traditional open cholecystectomy where the major portion of the abdomen is held open, to have a proper view of the affected area, but the chance of post operative infection is higher. The patient remains ambulatory till few days compared to the laparoscopic method. (Kapoor, 2007). Medications may be also administered to dissolve the gall stones in the question (Onders &amp. Hallowell, 2005). The major complication of cholecystectomy is the damage to the common bile duct, which carries out the discharge of hepatic bile and gall bladder bile to the duodenum, for fat digestion. This complication is pointed out as a criteria of medical malpractice (Onders &amp. Hallowell, 2005). Importance Of Criteria Audit in Cholecystectomy Criteria audits will increase accountabilities of the surgeons on a given surgical procedure and they also should have a clear cut justification for the surgical intervention planned for the management of the patient (Hay et al., 2006). The usage of criteria audits is in place in the administration of Australia since 1980 (Collopy et al., 1981) and has been used in other countries (Bailey et al., 2010). The Rationale Of the Audit This audit will evaluate the situation of cholecystectomy surgeries in the hospital as per the compliance of the recommendations based on the Royal Australian College of Surgeons Board.


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