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Hi I Need Help With Essay On Hotel Rwanda Death And The Kings Horseman Paper Mus

Hi, I need help with essay on Hotel Rwanda & Death and the Kings Horseman. Paper must be at least 750 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

Moreover, he is portrayed as one who is selfless ads he risks his own life and that of his family to save all the people he has hosted at the hotel.

The expected help to curb the Rwandan genocide from the white United Nations countries was no forthcoming. The disturbing issue was not addressed with the attention it deserved. It is only after the magnitude of killings was observed that international bodies, including the United Nations began to show concern. These white nations did not show the political ambition to stop the massacre that was going on in Rwanda. The Belgian peacekeepers were pulled out from the country after the death of 10 soldiers. The remaining soldiers, too little to manage the situation, were highly ineffective. All in all, foreign aid required to manage the horrible situation did not match the magnitude of the murderous spree. It is the neglect by the international community that forced Paul Rusasebagina to pursue use of bribes and favor to keep militias at bay.

The film is very effective is showing the African crisis for what it was. It was a very sensitive situation that needed attention. It shows that the killings were real and the number of deaths was saddening. The film matches historical representation of the situation and gives it a visual feel to demonstrate the extent of horror.The role of international community in Rwanda signifies the initial problems that African countries face while trying to stop the crises. Getting international help takes a lot of time yet the murderous spree continue while decisions to help are still being discussed at a snail’s speed. Hotel Rwanda shows that some white nations have chauvinistic tendencies towards African countries as demonstrated in delay of peacekeeping and humanitarian aid. Before these nations can consolidate their decisions, the African disasters blow out of proportion. Consequently, they present the sent aid with difficulties in managing the crisis. This is an observed trend


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