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Hi I Need Help With Essay On How Are Social Media Platforms Redefining And Reval

Hi, I need help with essay on How are social media platforms redefining and revaluating the ties that bind us together. Paper must be at least 500 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

This is depicted via as the author states that her whole life is now shifted via communication from the phone. This can be perfectly portrayed as the author narrates a situation in which a younger woman injures her thumb and needs a band-aid. But instead of knocking in her door, she sends the person a text to not intrude privacy (Turkle 264). This is beyond the comprehension as technology has truly taken over from all aspects, including doing easy tasks. Social media has overly taken an every human task and has automated it with a personalization. This same scenario can be correlated when the author discusses the situation with Rebecca, who was intrigued in pets. Her father suggested that she gets a turtle, but the realistically did not want to handle the intricacies of keeping a pet. Hence, social media has dramatically modified this by taking something humane and converting into a digital life form. It can also be dangerous because it makes us humanity lose intimacy, cut off human contact, but at the same time maintain a following for ‘x’ amount of friends and followers globally. Make no mistake, the author signifies the importance of this as he states, “The world, as we are told is in midst of revolution. The new looks of social media has reinvented social activism.”(Gladwell 134). Without a doubt, social media has created a lifestyle, just not a fad that aligns with the future roadmap in 2020. Soon social media will play a huge role in Artificial intelligence, a tie that binds us together because it creates a revolution, a unique following, unparalleled to anything we have witnessed.

The second element that social media has added a tangible value to our lives. Social media has quantified our lives to an element in which our lives have a price value. Social media provides a way to research and connect with influencers that can be quantified


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