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Hi I Need Help With Essay On How To Increase The Market Share In Organic Product

Hi, I need help with essay on How to Increase the market share in organic product market A Case Study of PARKnSHOP in Hong Kong. Paper must be at least 7500 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

To get a feel of what marketing strategies would work for PARKnSHOP, 300 regular shoppers are surveyed at 30 of the 40 superstores controlled by PARKnSHOP all over Hong Kong. Simple analytic tools are employed to analyze their responses. And appropriate recommendations for marketing strategies are provided, based on the findings from the survey.

Established in 1973, PARKnSHOP is Hong Kong’s leading supermarket chain. With its perpetual commitment to innovation, quality, service and value, PARKnSHOP is well regarded in the industry and broader community through many quality awards.

PARKnSHOP started its first superstore in 1996 and giving customers a modern one-stop stopping solution. The store sells over 20,000 product categories ranging from snacks to electronics household appliances.

PARKnSHOP is also linked with three other supermarkets by the names of GREAT, TSTE and GOURMET. These three high-end supermarkets cater mostly to the expatriates and more affluent clientele in Hong Kong. These stores also sell a wide variety of organic products as in some Agri-foods like instant and canned soup and noodles. plain noodles and dried pasta. processed food and seafood products. ready-made meals and drinks (PARKnSHOP, 2010).

However, as the number of customers that go for ready-made organic food increases, many superstores are jostling to control a larger share of the organic product market. This study investigates the appropriate steps PARKnSHOP management should take in arriving at a good conclusion about the most effective marketing strategies to adopt in capturing a greater share of the dynamic market for organic products.

As a former colony and a trading outpost of the British Empire, Hong Kong has developed itself into a formidable economic wonder, turning into a global financial center where most financial institutions, banks, credit facilities and others have decided to establish their branches (Schenk, 2001).


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