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Hi I Need Help With Essay On Hr Competencies Paper Must Be At Least 250 Words Pl

Hi, I need help with essay on HR Competencies. Paper must be at least 250 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

Secondly, the competence of data interpretation skills helps to take the assessment process to a step further as it ensures that the HR professional makes decisions based on the assessment outcomes (Becker, Huselid & Ulrich, 2001).

Based on the discussion above, there are several values that the competencies can be said to bring to the organization. Most importantly, the competences help in making the idea of strategic partnership feasible. Meanwhile, when the HR professional becomes a strategic partner, it can be expected that the organization’s strategy will be applied in a more efficient manner to make the achievement of the HR goals easier. Again, as part of the strategic partnership that will be created, the concepts of shared responsibility and cross-functional teams are expected to be formed. Meanwhile when these concepts are made practical in the organization, they ensure that all parties and entities within different departments of the organization are aided in the performance of their roles so that there can be a form of effectiveness that betters the value created within the organization. For future purposes, it is expected that the competence of intrinsic motivation will be developed. This competence will help employees fuel their personal commitment towards organization growth in general and strategic partnership in


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