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Hi I Need Help With Essay On Hrm Related Issue Paper Must Be At Least 2000 Words

Hi, I need help with essay on HRM-related issue. Paper must be at least 2000 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

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Every organization must have a definite strategy in order to deliver positive results. The purpose of the strategy is to make sure the assets of the organization are used to improve the productivity of the organization. Apple employs effective and professional HRM techniques that aim at keeping the company both profitable and valuable. Some of the techniques include networking and teamwork. The company has embedded emerging and effective strategies in a systematic way. The strategies are embedded within wider program of the organizational targets and goals. The strategies involve regularly up-skilling the human resource managers (Chanda &amp. Shen 2009). The company is also integrating a variety of HRM policies as well as practices. The specific business strategy of the company takes into consideration a wide collection of factors. The business strategy of Apple Inc. is shaped by the core values of the company. Conversely, the core values of the company were considered while developing HRM practices. Successful implementation of the HRM strategies depends on the ability to develop employees and managers who are willing to facilitate and acquire the necessary competencies and attitudes. Apple has invested in a self-disciplined workforce with the necessary skills. The central point in the HRM strategy is the development of working practices and motivation that leads to increased flexibility and quality of work (Holbeche 2009). The HRM strategy seeks to have commitment and mutuality from the principle organizational players. Human resource management in the Apple Company implies that the contribution of the personnel is crucial to organizational success (Chanda &amp. Shen 2009). According to the company, people are the most important asset. The company has embedded the HR strategy into the company policy. The employment practice is driven by the commercial intentions. The company uses and incorporates the human resources to the extent that they are compatible with the organizational objectives. Human resource managers must strive towards achieving a sense of collective purpose among all the organizational stakeholders. HRM must develop real strategic approaches which factor in the aspects of the employee relations with an aim of transforming the employees’ mindset (Tyson &amp. York 2000). This makes the employees congruent with the business objectives of the company (Holbeche 2009). The HRM of Apple Company is careful to ensure that the cost of rewarding different groups, hiring and training employees is matched by their anticipated levels of contribution and market availability. The core employees of the Apple Company must undergo intense indoctrination into the core values of the company (Kaplan &amp. Norton 2001). It is expected that these values are to be seen in the behavior of these employees. This is not the case with the peripheral employees of the company. Research shows there are instances where the empowerment of the employees is seen as a threat by the HRM (Tyson &amp. York 2000). The strategic roles of the human resource manager entail the flattening of hierarchies to accommodate the market driven reorganizations of the multinationals (Tyson &amp. York 2000). Apple Company has business units that are functional and ensures that products to be delivered are both quality and excellent (O’Grady 2009). HRM strategy calls for increased employee involvement and teamwork.


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