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the concerned scenario, it has been determined that Castle’s Family Restaurant can be termed as a chain of restaurants comprising eight restaurants spread all over north California. Presently, this restaurant chain is facing an issue regarding effective human resource (HR) management. The prime focus of this discussion will be towards effective evaluation of the current management issue within this restaurant chain. Special emphasis will be provided regarding the implication of Human Resources Information System (HRIS) within the functionality of this restaurant chain to increase the efficiency of the work process and simultaneously save significant amount of time as well as money.

Based on the case scenario, it can be ascertained that the name of the business which is being assisted is Castle’s Family Restaurant, a restaurant chain business which is established in north California. It has got multiple branches spread all over the area. The restaurant chain can be considered as a large service sector operating within that area and by taking into consideration its current level growth within United States (US) market, it can be stated that the restaurant business has been attaining gradual success and profit. These restaurant business processes have also been significantly contributing in terms of the nation’s quarterly and annual gross domestic product (GDP) figures (National Restaurant Association, 2014).

Taking about the business environment, it can be said that this restaurant chain employs a substantial workforce of around 300-340 employees who are placed in eight restaurants of the business. It serves multiple customers and thus requires effective management (Agarwal & Garg, 2012).

Correspondingly, by taking into consideration the present management issue within this restaurant chain, it can be stated that the need of a centralized monitoring and control system is of paramount importance. Currently, the staff and the daily process management within

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