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Hi I Need Help With Essay On Human Resources In Action Paper Must Be At Least 12

Hi, I need help with essay on HUMAN RESOURCES IN ACTION. Paper must be at least 1250 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

Job description is not mentioned. Key responsibilities are not given. Salary package or any kind of incentive is not mentioned. Location is also not mentioned

It’s easy to apply for the job. You can easily apply online. Against each opening there is Apply option. When you click it a new window opens which contains a form. You can fill your personal information. upload your CV and certificates (related to education, experience and identity).

As a manager I recommend that they should give some detail about working environment and also more job description should be added. It is important to mention company environment to attract more experienced people in your organization. Job description is important so Applicant have an idea about what is expected from them.

The second Company would be Hyatt – Lodging (Hyatt, 2013). They have separate page for Career in which user can select a country and can specify job field. Job details vary from position to position. On selecting a particular field or selecting all gives a list of available openings with job title and one line description. In detailed view of opening, they have provided more details for some openings. But for some other openings, they have just mentioned roles and responsibilities and required qualification.

Many words are repeating in details of a job, such as, Description, Job, Job Title repeats several times. Also, the information or requirements are not well formatted, at some places, font style and size is different, everything is written in a form of paragraph.

Site is very well structured. It is easy to find information about any particular thing. In Career section, you can search job by country preference. They have very interactive world map which helps to select region and it enlist countries. It has a Job Cart in which you can add a job and can view later. An opening can be shared using more than 300 different ways. Jobs can be sorted by Title and Location.


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