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Cases of sexual abuse have been reported in many parts of the world but the numbers on sexual abuse on children are alarming. Child sexual abuse occurs when an adults be it male or female uses a child forcefully or willingly to satisfy their sexual urges. The reasons as to why an adult chooses to assult a child sexually are very many and similary the effects of sexual abuse on the child are many. The processes of sexual abuse follows a progression that begins from winning the childs attention and trust, then creating a comfort zone for the child and later having sexual intercourse with the child . the progress cycle continues by the adult forcing the child to have sex with them continually and blackmailing the child so that he/she does not disclose the information. The child could either choose to keep the information secret or either disclose it a factor that affects the extent to which the harassment goes. Releasing the information could either liberate the child or burry them further into the act depending on the kind of person the child talks to and how the person reacts to the information. To control such situation education on sexual abuse on children should be given to all people so that people can know how to react to the situation when it gets to them.

According to the National Abuse and Neglects Data systems(NCANDS), of all the reported cases of children abuse or neglection, 10% of the children were victims of sexual abuse(U.S.Department of Health and Human Services). Their data analysis done in 2005 showed that 83,800 children were sexually abused in a span of one year raising the concern of the situation. The number of cases are expected to be double the number since the larger percentage is of those who do not report the cases. Statistics from the analysis further indicated that the number of girls sexually harassed were more than that of the girls indicating that child sexual abuse is

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