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Even small rewards might be keep us going forward and motivate for accomplishment of tasks. Reward and compensation play a key role to maintain a healthy lifestyle in your society.

Fair and practical organizational policies play a vital role in the interest of organizations because the implementation of individual’s perceptions of injustice can be colliding with working attitudes and behaviors. Issues related to Justice and fair policies included perceptions of fair wages or salaries, equivalent opportunity for promotion, and employee’s selection procedures.

Salary is the best reward for any individual. Among different types of performance-based rewards, yearly bonus compensation is common in all organization. (Gomez-Mejia, and Werner&nbsp.159-160) Organization offers such a plan for their staff, where they receive some percentages on salaries as a bonus annually.

Sometimes non-monetary rewards are motivated to employees to perform in a better manner. Recognitions of employee fulfill the psychological needs and requirements in the society. It includes “sale person of the month” or “employee of the year” certificates to derive motivation and recognition for employees.

Implementation of profit sharing and stock options are using as an element of ownership for motivation and enhancement of performance for staff. Person who believes that he is part-owner of the company may become more efficient and productive because he believes the companys successes is his

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