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Hi I Need Help With Essay On Interview A Manger With Regard To The Various Manag

Hi, I need help with essay on Interview a manger with regard to the various managerial functions. Paper must be at least 1250 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

According to Taylor, Nikesh has several managerial functions that include planning, organizing, commanding, coordinating and controlling. Nikesh is tasked with setting out plans of actions in order to attain the pre-determined organisational goals. Together with other executives, he prepares the strategic plans and operational plans for the entire organisation. Nikeshy is also tasked with organizing function in the company. For instance, he is tasked with providing personnel, raw materials and an organisational structure that contributes to the success of the organisation. He designs the job descriptions and creates reporting relationships within the organisation. According to Fayol’s commanding function, Nikesh is tasked with ensuring optimum utilization of human capital in the organisation. In this function, he delegates responsibilities and inspires the employees towards the attainment of the organisational goal. In the coordinating function, Nikesh is responsible for unifying and harmonization of all activities and resources in the organisation (Williams 54). For instance, he coordinates the new product development and sales department in order to ensure that new products meet the changing customer needs. He is responsible for the creation of harmonious and coordinated working teams and groups in the organisation. The last managerial function of Nikesh according to Fayol is controlling function. He is responsible for evaluating the attainment of organisational goals. He evaluates the degree of conformity to organisational policies and attainment of budgeted financial performance (Williams 53).

Nikesh Arora aspires to the interviewee since he has contributed highly to increased profitability and market share of Google. Nikesh has the management experience at this position since he has previously worked in a multicultural environment and other markets such as Europe and Africa. Nikesh has also


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