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Such depression can, in a few instances, make the child take to drink on growing up (Is Alcoholism Hereditary?). However, it cannot be said that alcoholism is hereditary.

It has been established that alcoholism is complex disorder that depends on several genetic factors. It is believed that alcoholism is transmitted to the extent of 49% to 64%. This result was arrived at on the basis of family, twin pair, half sibling, and adoption studies. (Du and Wan 2103). Thus, the development of alcoholism depends on the complicated relationship of several environmental and genetic features.

The danger of becoming dependent on alcohol is greater among the children of alcoholic parents, when compared to other children. Several research studies have shown that hereditary is an important factor in promoting alcoholism. (Moelker). Moreover, the sons of alcoholic fathers were seen to be at greater risk than their sisters.

It had even been contended that hereditary was significant to the extent of even 50%, in developing alcoholism among the children of alcoholic fathers. In addition, individuals who were frequently on the lookout for excitement and were antisocial to a substantial extent were at greater risk of ending up as alcoholics (Moelker). In this study, hereditary issues related to alcoholism were identified only up to 50 %.This cannot lead to the conclusion that hereditary issues are the only causes for alcoholism.

The assumption that alcoholism can be described by a genetic model has several implications. Some of these are the notion that there are genetic, biochemical, physical or neurophysiologic variations. These variations are assumed to be present, even before alcohol related problems arise. There are certain reasonable expectations, with regard to these marker variables. One such expectation is that there could be differences between individuals from families with a positive family


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