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Hi I Need Help With Essay On Knowledge Based Authentication By User Activity And

Hi, I need help with essay on Knowledge based authentication by user activity and Emai/SMS. Paper must be at least 6000 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

The third chapter explains different methods and approaches used in this research study. The study makes use of mixed quantitative and qualitative techniques. This chapter explains the importance of the study, thesis statement and hypothesis, and identifies the research questions. It presents an over overview of the chosen methods and how these fit with the study. A discussion of the suitability, the advantages and the limitations of the chosen methods is addressed. The evaluation of diverse methodologies is also explained in this chapter.

Chapter four presents the implementation and the testing of personal knowledge question authentication method proposed in this study. It provides a description of the existing knowledge based authentication and explains its procedure. This chapter describes the experimental design that was constructed in order to test different levels of this system. In addition, this chapter explains different security and usability criteria that are used to measure the system through some defined metrics .These metrics will be useful to gain the results of the testing stage and to determine the performance of this authentication method.

The fifth chapter evaluates the results of the simulations and the measures of different levels of personal knowledge question authentication system. It also shows the results of the prototype design. This chapter presents the results of each level of this system evaluated against each other .The results from the tests are analysed and the best system ranked during the testing phase is identified. The findings against the hypothesis identified in this research are also discussed in this chapter.

The concluding chapter presents a summary of key findings to the research conducted in this study. It shows several issues related to this research. In addition, this chapter discusses the future


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