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Hi I Need Help With Essay On Language Anthropology In Different Societies Paper

Hi, I need help with essay on Language Anthropology in Different Societies. Paper must be at least 1500 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

The development of languages follows cultural experiences of the people owning the language. Some languages remain limited to the societies speaking the language, and their spread remains constrained to limited space location.

In localized languages, the grammatical use of languages remains constricted within varied environments. hence limitation in the development of these languages. Linguistic anthropology focuses on different paradigms that enable continuity of languages avoiding extinction of languages, like the cases of various North American languages (Eriksen, 1995). The development of languages in different societies remains unique and follows different societal elements that assist in the composition of languages. Grammatical descriptions of languages help researchers in analyzing the different elements of language development across numerous societies. The socio-cultural identity of language defines how language develops in children as they grow. Children in different societies acquire language skills through the environmental factors affecting social development.

Language acquisition skills in children follow the various the various societal elements including the behaviors of the people owning the language (Fedorak, 2008). Within societies, children acquire the languages spoken within their immediate environments. The development of lingual capabilities in children, therefore, remains heavily reliant on the surrounding society and environment. Socialisation remains a fundamental element of language acquisition in children adopting their first language. Individuals living in different societies socialize children to language through naturally occurring stories, often told to children through other individuals within the society. Language acquisition in different societies occurs accompanied by the enculturation, with both processes occurring concurrently.&nbsp.


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